Baby Shower
Salad of mango, avocado, tomatoes

API days


 Savory Cannelés
Curry of vegetables
Buffet desserts
Ratatouille with goat cheese mousse
& parmesan crumble
Shortbreads of polenta with basil
& cherries tomatoes
Marinated chicken
Flavors of Provence, platter cheese
& platter charcuterie
Gazpacho of peas, mint & feta
Salad of tomatoes, basil
on a parmesan tile
Beets, goat cheese & sesame seeds
Salmon Tartare with horseradish in a cup a cucumber
Skewers : organic chicken meatballs
with cumin & coriander, yogourt sauce
Duck breast lacquered with honey, spices
Gratin dauphinois, Fagot of green beans with bacon
Homemade gnocchis, minced chicken with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cream sauce.
Verrine salad with dried duck brest,
whipped cream, walnut & figs
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